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  1. Response to dominant variants: antigens, antibodies and more.

As we are suffering the epidemic caused by the ever-changing variants, we are facing the “Red Queen” racing between SARS-CoV-2 evolution and human defenses. Whether current therapeutic antibodies and vaccines against the circulating and emerging variants can provide enough protection becomes a primary concern.


ACROBiosystems are going full steam ahead on developing a collection of recombinant antigens for emergency SARS-CoV-2 variants, including the newly VOI, Lambda. The reagents can be used to evaluate the efficacy of the antibodies and vaccination.

Features of the products:

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2. Multi-pass Transmembrane Proteins

2. Multi-pass Transmembrane Proteins

Many human diseases are associated with abnormal functions of these multi-pass transmembrane proteins and their role in variety of signaling pathways makes them ideal drug targets. However, multi-pass transmembrane proteins are very difficult to purify due to complex structures with multiple hydrophobic transmembrane regions and low expression level in host cells. Full length multi-pass transmembrane proteins with native conformation are needed to fully characterize antibody activity and mechanism of action.

With advantage platforms, ACROBiosystems provides full-length multi-pass transmembrane proteins including CD20, Claudin18.2, CD133, GPRC5D, CCR5 and CCR8 ,etc. relying on three technology platforms to facilitate drug development and mechanism studies.


Highly recommended:

1) Claudin18.2

  • Claudin18.2 is a four-pass transmembrane protein and it is a promising target not only because of its high selectivity, but also its population prevalence, acting as a perfect supplement for target therapy in gastric and pancreatic cancers, anti-Claudin18.2 therapies will bring more surprises in future.

  • Claudin18.2 can be used for the research and development of monoclonal antibody, bispecific antibody, ADC drugs and CAR-T therapy

  • Real-time updated drug information targeting Claudin18.2

  • Check out the full product list, application and advantages of

​       Claudin18.2-VLP(full-length) and Claudin18.2-DDM/CHS(exclusive) at:

2) CD20 proteins

  • CD20 is a four-pass transmembrane protein expressed on the surface of almost all normal and malignant B cells. It is also the target for rituximab which has now been given to over 300,000 lymphoma patients in the last decade and interestingly is now being explored for use in other disorders, such as autoimmune conditions including rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus. It is difficult to find an active CD20 protein on the market. Our exclusive full length CD20 can be used for monoclonal antibody and bispecific antibody drug development and CAR detection.

  • The advantages of our CD20

    • Full length CD20 with native and complete conformation

    • Competitive exclusive full-length products: CD20-Nanodisc, CD20-DDM/CHS, biotinylated CD20-Nanodisc and biotinylated CD20-DDM/CHS

    • High bioactivity is verified by FACS/ELISA/ SPR and the protocols are offered for free

    • Better bioactivity is verified by ELISA compared with common ECD CD20 protein

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3. Target for ADCs

3. Targets for ADCs

Antibody-drug conjugates are highly targeted therapies that use biopharmaceutical drugs comprising monoclonal antibodies to target tumor cell specific antigens and extremely potent anti-cancer drugs linked through chemical linker. ADCs are considered a powerful and highly effective class of therapeutic agents used in oncology and hematology. The global Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) market size is expected to reach USD 20.01 Billion according to latest analysis.


In order to accelerate the development of ADC drugs, ACROBiosystems has developed a series of products with different species and tags for a variety of ADCs targets, which are suitable for immune, antibody screening, SPR, cell activity detection and other experiments. The high purity and affinity were verified by MALS and SPR/BLI/cell based respectively, and protocols are available for free.


Visit for:

  • The list of ADC target proteins

  • The main product features of these ADC target proteins

  • High purity verified by MALS/ High bioactivity verified by MALS SPR/BLI/cell based assay

  • Application: immune, antibody screening, SPR, cell activity detection and other experiments for ADC drug development.

  • SPR/BLI affinity analytical service

4. Target for CAR-T Cell Therapy

4. Targets for CAR-T cell therapy

Evaluating CAR expression is an essential step in the production of CAR-T cells. This is often done by flow cytometry, using protein L, anti-Fab antibodies, anti-idiotypic antibody or target antigens as detection antibodies. Among these common choices, target antigens are widely considered to be the best option, because it offers high specificity and minimal background staining.

ACROBiosystems has successfully developed an extensive collection of recombinant proteins, such as BCMA, CD19, CD22 and DLL3 for CAR-T therapy development. This growing list of proteins includes many fluorescent-labeled antigens , biotinylated proteins and unconjugated proteins that are uniquely suitable for evaluation of CAR expression.


  • 50+CAR T targets, and PE, FITC, Biotin-labeled proteins are available

  • FDA DMF filed products are available

  • High specificity and sensitivity verified by FACS and protocol offered.

  • Ideal for detecting CAR expression


Find out more targets for CAR-T cell therapy

Check the FDA DMF filed product list


Learn more about the choice for CAR detection reagents and check the protocols:

Partner for Antibody Drug Development

5. Partner for antibody drug development

  • The importance of Fc Receptor proteins

Structure of antibody/IgG


The IgG structure consists of the fragment antigen-binding (Fab) domain and the Fc receptor–binding region (Fc), both of which contain discrete structural features. Binding of antibodies to their receptors is a core component of the innate immune system.






Structural renderings of Fc Receptor clustering

The efficacy of a therapeutic antibody not only depends on the Fab fragment and its binding activity to the target antigen, but also depends on the Fc fragment and its interaction with key Fc receptors. For example, the binding affinity of the Fc fragment towards FcRn (FCGRT&B2M) would predict the antibody’s half-life, while that between the Fc fragment and FcγRIIIa (CD16a) would influence the antibody’s ability to elicit ADCC (antibody dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity). Therefore, candidates must be tested against a panel of receptors during antibody engineering.

  • What ACROBiosystems can offer


ACROBiosystems offers a comprehensive collection of recombinant Fc receptor proteins with 63 products online, including FcRn (FCGRT&B2M), FcγR, FcεR, to help expedite antibody drug development.

  • Advantages of Fc Receptor protein products


  1. Expressed by HEK293 Cells: post-translational modification and proper protein folding

  2. Multiple species: Human, Mouse, Cynomolgus/Rhesus macaque, Rat, Porcine, Rabbit, Feline, Bovine, can be fully applied to different cross specie experiments

  3. Biotinylated Fc Receptor proteins labeled with AvitagTM offered: the labeling efficiency is high, and the labeling site is specific and clear, which is suitable for ELISA/SPR/BLI detection based on binding to streptavidin in the process of drug development and optimization process

  4. High purity: SDS-PAGE verification purity >95%, SEC-MALS verification purity >90%

  5. Low endotoxin: <1.0 EU/µg

  6. High stability: strict quality control to ensure high batch-to-batch consistency

  7. Affinity verified by SPR & BLI: activity guaranteed, and protocols offered free of charge

  • Positive customer reviews on Fc Receptor Proteins


Find out more at

  • Introduction of Fc Receptors

  • Advantages of Fc Receptor protein products

  • Product List

  • Verification Data (All protocols offered free of charge)

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