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Key Partners

Establishing a strong connection with our partners and representing their brands with our expertise, professionalism and excellent customer care

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Intro: CDI Laboratories is the NextGen Proteomics™ company; a result of intensive efforts and advances developed by the High-Throughput Biology Center at Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University. The technology has published in Science (2001, 2015, 2016),  Nature Communications (2019), Gastroenterology (2019), Nature Methods (2018), Nature Biotechnology (2011),  Cell (2009), Nature Chemical Biology (2012).

Features: The Largest Human Proteome Array - The new HuProt v4.0 consists of >21,000 unique properly folded human proteins, isoform variants, and protein fragments – covering 16,794 unique genes. This includes 15,889 of the 19,613 canonical human proteins described in the Human Protein Atlas.

Key Products: HuProt v4.0 Array, PhIP-Seq (HuScan™, VirScan™), VirD™ 

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Image by National Cancer Institute

Intro: Arigo screen their antibodies and validate them through highly optimized biochemical treatments to induce specific protein expressions.

Features: Arigo offers Antibody Duo and Antibody Panels products for researchers working on various research fields.

Key Products: GSK3 Downstream Signaling Pathway, HMGB1 ELISA kits and abs, Inflammasome & Pyroptosis antibody panels, Ferroptosis antibody panels, Recombinant Proteins, Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies.


Intro: US-based manufacturer, headquartered in I-270 Hi-Tech Corridor in the state of Maryland.

Features: Genecopoeia manufactured and released into market the largest number of human full length protein coding ORF cDNA clones in multiple sets of vector systems; Provider of genomics and proteomics products and services for academic and governmental research institutes, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry

Key Product: Clone collections, Genome editing, Lentiviral system

Image by Martin Adams
Image by National Cancer Institute
iNtRON Logo.png

Intro: iNtRON Bio has been focusing on the R&D investment since its foundation
and accelerates development speed after the IPO in KOSDAQ

Features: One of the acquired biotechnology companies, LiliF Diagnostics' CLP Technology is a unique patented technology for the design of primers for molecular diagnostics. It is characterized by the formation of a self-dimer structure through the regulator region of the primer before gene amplification. MAT Technology (Mobius Amplification Technology) is a technology that amplifies all stages from early DNA and RNA templates to target nucleic acid amplification and detection. LiliF Diagnostics' Maxime Technology is a patented technology that maximizes ease of use so that anyone can experience molecular diagnosis easily and accurately. RaLF Technology is a technology designed to allow anyone to easily and quickly detect the cause of a disease in the field. RaPiA technology enables  the production of antibodies at desired sites, enabling the production of antibodies specific for epitopes, allowing for rapid response to cross reactions and mutations.

Products: Lilif Diagnostics Human, Veterinary, Plant, Mycoplasma and Food Safety Molecular Diagnostics Platform.

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Intro: supplies high-quality biological reagents to life science researchers at cost-effective prices. Headquartered in Cambridge (UK), and with offices in Stockholm (SE) and St Louis (MO, USA),

Features: support life scientists worldwide by supplying the same high-quality products as the industry leading suppliers, that are sourced from the same primary manufacturers, but at more affordable prices.

Products: primary antibodiessecondary antibodiesproteins and peptidesimmunoassays and kits, and other companion products.

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Image by National Cancer Institute
Yeastern Biotechnology.png

Intro: Founded 2000 and went IPO in 2014; ISO 9001, ISO 13485 & GMP certified

Features: Patented technologies for Competent Cells (1 minute protocol, no medium recovery needed, longer shelf life), DNA Extraction (10 minutes extraction, no phenol/chloroform needed), TA cloning kit (fast ligation in 5 minutes, allows blue/white screening, includes M13 primer site for sequencing)

Key Product: ECOS™ Competent Cells, UniversAll™ Tissue Extraction/PCR Kits, T&A™ Cloning Kit


Intro: Established since 1982, Japan listing company, committed to providing the best solutions for enabling sufferers of intractable diseases.

Features: All product are made in Japan with the highest standard ISO 13485, in-house controls for both raw materials and finished product.

Key Product: Antibodies and ELISA (Amyloid-β, α-Klotho, TAU, Gd-IgA1, GLP-1, LRG  and many others) for Aging Diseases, Diabetes, Nephropathy and Cancers.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Intro: schülke have been closing the hygiene gap with more than 130 years of experience. We have the widest range of highly specific products, expert advice and reliable service to create holistic hygiene solutions globally. Effective protection against infection and contamination is our principle task.


Features: Broadest spectrum of products in every application, covers surfaces, personal hygiene, instruments and environmental monitoring.


Key Products: Hygienic Handwash/Handrub (MICROSHIELD®, desmanol®, desderman® and touchless dispenser D1), terralin® protect, mikrozid® universal wipes, perform® classic conc. GA, perform® sterile and mikrocount® TPC


Intro: Bioss Inc is a leading antibody developer and manufacturer located in the greater Boston area of Massachusetts with state of the art technologies. 

Features: Bioss Inc has developed over 11,000 primary antibodies, more than 130,000 derived products including fluorochrome conjugated antibodies and our catalog includes over 1000 specific antibodies recognizing proteins with phosphorylation, acetylation, or methylation modifications.

Key Products: ABBY™ Rabbit Monoclonals, Cancer Antibodies, Virus & Bacteria Antibodies


Intro: Enzo Biochem is a pioneer in molecular diagnostics, leading the convergence of clinical laboratories, life sciences, and intellectual property through the development of unique diagnostic platform technologies that provide numerous advantages over previous standards. A global company, Enzo utilizes cross-functional teams to develop and deploy products, systems, and services that meet the ever-changing and rapidly growing needs of health care today and into the future.

Features: Across the Drug Development Pipeline – from Basic Research, Drug Discovery, and Process Optimization Through to Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Key Products:

Cell Biology, Genomics, Immunoassays & Biochemical Assays, Immunohistochemistry, Small Molecule Chemistry

ACRO logo.jpg

Intro: ACROBiosystems Group, founded in 2010 and listed in 2021, is a biotechnology company aimed at being a cornerstone of the global biopharmaceutical and health industries by providing products and business models innovation. The company spans across the globe and maintains offices, R&D centers, and production bases in 12 different cities within the United States, Switzerland, England and Germany. ACROBiosystems Group has established numerous long-term and stable partnerships with the world’s top pharmaceutical enterprises, including Pfizer, Novartis, and Johnson & Johnson, and numerous well-known academic institutes. The company comprises of several subsidiaries such as ACROBiosystems, bioSeedin, Condense Capital, and ACRODiagnostics.

Features: FLAG, Star Staining, ViruStop, Aneuro, ComboX, GENPower, and many others. Its main products and services are recombinant proteins, kits, antibodies, scientific services, and other related products. ACROBiosystems employs a strict quality control system for its products that are used in biopharmaceutical research and development, production, and clinical application.

Key Products: GMP Grade Cytokines, CytokinesSARS CoV-2 Mutants, Targets of Car-T Cell Therapy, Full Length Transmembrane Proteins, BsAB Targets, Immune Checkpoints, Fc Receptors, Targets for ADCs, Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies etc.

Image by Robynne Hu
EBI logo (transparent bkg) (4).png

Intro: Echelon Biosciences, Inc. (EBI) was founded in 1997 by two professors from the University of Utah to advance lipid signaling. Echelon comes from a French word to ascend, and the company logo reinforces the idea of scientific progress through commercializing novel research reagents, assays, and ultimately diagnostics and drug treatments for debilitating diseases.

Today, Echelon Biosciences produces a variety of unique and high-quality products for the life-science research community. Echelon’s expertise lies in tools and technology used to study phospholipids, protein-lipid interactions, enzymes, inhibitors, and peptides. Our customers and partners employ these tools in the quest for improved diagnostics and drugs for cancer,
diabetes, inflammation, infections, and cardiovascular disease.


Key Products:
Antibodies & Proteins
Kits & Assays
Biochemical Reagents
Custom Synthesis & Services


Intro: Cytoskeleton, Inc. was formed in 1993 and is pleased to offer a wide range of kits and products for drug screening, signal transduction and cytoskeletal research. We specialize in the production of purified proteins and easy-to-use kits to study biochemical and cellular processes. Because our scientists have many years of experience working in their respective areas of expertise, we are able to provide products of exceptionally high quality. Since the start in 1993 we have gained a reputation for producing quality products while providing expert technical assistance to all of our customers.

Features: Cytoskeleton offers an array of products focused on 6 core product lines: Actin, Tubulin, Small G-Proteins, ECM, Post-Translational Modifications, and Live Cell Imaging. One of our most popular tools, Small G-Protein Activation Assays, measure the GTP-bound form of the protein from a cell or tissue extract and are the most trusted and cited Activation Assays available.  Don’t forget to check out Cytoskeleton’s newest tools in the rapidly growing PTM and live cell imaging fields.

Key Products: Actin, Antibodies, Activation Assays, Active Purified Proteins, ECM Proteins, Live Cell Imaging Reagents, PTM Detection Tools, Small G-Proteins and Tubulin

Check this page for information on Cytoskeleton’s Products.

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