LipoSEARCH is a cutting edge “lipoprotein profiling service” based on a Gel Permeation HPLC followed by a unique, patented data analysis algorithm. 

LipoSEARCH can deliver complete set of data on Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels of lipoprotein, including 4 major classes (CM, VLDL, LDL AND HDL) and 20 subclasses. Moreover, lipoprotein particle size and particle numbers can be analyzed. 

What's new?

 Sengenics IMMUNOME Protein Array

 is the world’s only correctly folded full-          

 length protein array.

The Sengenics Immunome protein

array contains more than 1600 full-length human proteins. EVERY protein is correctly folded and functional.

This ensures that both conformational and linear epitopes are recognised. Hence, results from using the Immunome array are far more likely to be biologically meaningful.

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