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    Transmembrane (TM) protein / mainly expressed in kidneys and parathyroid glands

    #27998 h_soluble α-Klotho

    #27601 m_soluble α-Klotho


    Biomarker for research in hypertension / involved in the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System

    ​#27412 h_Total Angiotensinogen (AGT)

    ​#27742 h_Intact Angiotensinogen (AGT)


    Critical effector molecule / pathogenesis and progression of lgA Nephropathy (IGAN)

    #27600 h_Gd-lgA1

    S(P)RR. AIM, etc.

    #27265 h_AIM/CD5L

    #27997 h_FGF21

    #27782 hmr_s(Pro) Renin Receptor

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    Receptor of OX40 ligand (OX40L) / transactivated by Tax of HTLV-1 / express in activated CD4+ and CD8+ T Cells

    #27110 h_CD134/OX40


    Active biomarker used in research of inflammatory related diseases

    #27769 h_LRG

    #27785 m_LRG

    #27770 r_LRG (On request)



    Secreted glycoprotein / ligand of Galectin-3 / useful blood biomarker for research of chronic hepatic diseases

    #27362 h_Mac-2bp

    #27796 m_Mac-2bp


    Galectin-3, G-CSF, OsteopontinPeriostin, Syndecan-4Tenascin-C, VEGF FamilyVEGF ReceptorN-ERC/Mesothelin, etc.

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    Incretin (GLP-1, Active)

    Strategically developed to prevent non-specific unwanted reaction against HAMA even if the hectic solid-phase extraction (SPE) process is skipped / level of sensitivity provides stable assay results even in low concentration range in fasting / can be used among human, mouse and rat samples.

    #27700 hmr_GLP-1, active (h.s.)*

    #27784 hmr_GLP-1, active

    * GLP-1: 20µL

    Incretin (GLP-1/GIP)

    #27788 hmr_GLP-1 (9-36/37)

    #27201 h_GIP, active

    #27203 h_GIP, total

    #27702 m_GLP, active (h.s.)*

    #27701 m_GLP, total (h.s.)*

    #27704 r_GLP, active (h.s.)*

    #27703 r_GLP, total (h.s.)*

    * GIP: 5µL

    Insulin (ELISA/CLEIA)Dpp4/CD26ANGPTL 2,3,4,8 , LPL/HTGL, EL, GPIHBP1, ApoA5, ApoB100, etc.

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