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Since 1993 Cytoskeleton has provided purified tubulin proteins to the scientific community. The kits are designed to enhance the productivity to the time you have available for research, usually saving months of development time. 

Available Products:

BK004P  BK006P  BK011P  BK029  BK038  


MAP Proteins & Tau Proteins

Microtubule Associated Proteins (MAPs) are proteins that interact with tubulin and microtubules to regulate their function and also to transport cargo. The well known MAPs MAP1 & 2 and Tau are expressed in CNS material and help stabilize microtubule structures. Motor proteins can also be classified as MAPs but usually they are called kinesins or dyneins. Cytoskeleton provides a MAP preparation isolated from MAP rich tubulin which contains mainly MAP2 but also lower levels of MAP1, MAP4 and Tau. They also provide Tau protein from brain tissue which has four prevalent isoforms.

Available Products:

CP01-A  CP01-XL  EG01-A  EG01-B  EG01-XL  EG02-A

KC01-A  KF01-A  KR01-A  KR01-XL  MAPF-A  MAPF-C

MK01-A  MP01-A  MP01-XL  TA01-A  TA01-B

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FtsZ Proteins

FtsZ proteins are the bacterial homologues of tubulin and are essential for bacterial cell division.  FtsZ inactivation inhibits cell division, making them attractive targets for novel antimicrobial drugs.  Although FtsZ proteins exhibit a degree of homology, inhibitors of the proteins show differential affinity and differential efficacy. Thus improved targeting can be achieved by screening several FtsZ proteins from different species. To improve drug screening of species-selective antimicrobials, Cytoskeleton offers FtsZ proteins from E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Enterococcus faecalis. 

Available Products:

FTZ02-A  FTZ02-B  FTZ03-A  FTZ03-B  FTZ04-A  FTZ04-B FTZ05-A  FTZ05-B


Tubulin Proteins

The available tubulin proteins are highly purified and contain high biological activity.

Available Products:

H003  HTS03-A  HTS03-B  ML116-A  ML116-B  

ML116-DX  T238P-A  T238P-B  T238P-C  T240-A  

T240-B  T240-C  T240-DX  TT333P-A  T333P-B

T333P-XL  TL440M-A  TL440M-B  TL488M-A  TL488M-B

TL590M-A  TL590M-B  TL620M-A  TL620M-B  TL670M-A







Microtubules (MTs) serve as a substrate for kinesin and dynein motor proteins as well as contributing to the shape and division of cells by the interaction with anchoring proteins. Kinesins operate by utilizing the energy of ATP to hydrolysis, an activity that is greatly enhanced in the presence of MTs.

A MT activated kinesin ATPase assay is therefore used as a test for the biological activity of pre-formed microtubules, Cat. # MT002. This substrate is particularly useful for MT stimulated Kinesin ATPase assays that are used to develop novel anti-mitotic compounds, because the MT product is highly quality controlled that have achieved batch to batch variability of less than 5%.

Available Products:

MT002-A  MT002-XL


Tubulin Antibodies:

Cytoskeleton provides a sheep polyclonal tubulin antibody which recognizes the whole alpha/beta complex of all species from yeast to mammals. It detects methanol fixed (denatured conformation) and paraformaldehyde fixed (native conformation) tubulin in microtubule or the α/β subunit form. See the datasheet below for more information about this antibody.

Available Products:

ATN02  ATN02-S



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