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Cytoskeleton's new product line: 

Seeker-Signal Campaign

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Image by Louis Reed

Signal-Seeker PTM Detection Kits

The Signal-Seeker™ line of products have been developed to allow simple analysis of key regulatory protein modifications by specialists and non-specialists alike.


The comprehensive Signal-Seeker™ kits provide an affinity bead system to isolate and enrich modified proteins from any given cell or tissue lysate. The enriched protein population is then analyzed by standard western blot procedures using a primary antibody to the target protein. 

Available products:

BK160  BK160-S  BK161  BK161-S 

BK162  BK162-S  BK163  BK163-S  

BK165  BK165-S

Image by National Cancer Institute


  • Signal-Seeker Actin Oxidation Tools

Available products:


MIC01  MIC01-XL  MB201  MB201-XL

  • Signal-Seeker BlastR Lysis System

Available products:

BLR01  BLR02  BLR03

  • Acetyl-Lysine Tools 

Available products:


Image by Photoholgic

Signal-Seeker PTM True Antibodies

Great Discovery Tools To Identify Novel Regulatory Mechanisms

Cytoskeleton's acetylation, ubiquitin, SUMO, and phosphotyrosine antibodies were developed in-house, and stringently tested to provide the strongest and most specific antibodies on the market.

Available products:

AAC01  AAC01-S  AAC02  AAC02-S  

AAC03  AAC03-S  AAC03-HRP  



ASM01  ASM01-S  ASM23  ASM23-S



Image by Iñaki del Olmo


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When you're ready to buy - Signal-Seeker Tools

Additional Signal-Seeker resources can be found in the Signal-Seeker™: Post-Translational  Modification Resource Directory

Image by Michael Longmire

Signal-Seeker PTM Affinity Beads

High-Quality Affinity Beads Produce 

High-Quality Results


  • Highly Specific: Recognize only the protein or peptide of your choice.

  • Widely Validated: Hundreds of citations available.

  • High Affinity Reagents for peptides and proteins modified with: Acetylation,  Phosphotyrosine, SUMOylation, Ubiquitination

Available products:

APY03-Beads  ASM11-Beads  ASM24-Beads

CIG01-beads  CIG02-beads  CIG03-beads  

CUB02-beads  UBA01-beads  AAC04-Beads

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