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  • A ready to use wipe with proven antimicrobial efficacies that effectively clean and disinfect mulit-surfaces. Suitable for material-sparing, uncomplicated quick disinfection of surfaces of all kinds including sensitive surfaces, makrolon, acrylic glass and artificial leather as well as surfaces such displays, keyboards, control panels and touchscreens of sensitive equipment.
  • These all-purpose disposable wipes also remove common germs and bacteria on high touch surfaces like smart devices, kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces and more.

[Schülke & Mayr] mikrozid® surface wipes, 120's

    • Antimicrobial efficacies have been tested against stringent European Norm testing standards and the wipes meet the required antimicrobial efficacy.
    • Effective against ENVELOPED VIRUSES (E.G. CORONAVIRUSES) within 15 seconds contact time.
    • Dermatologically tested – gentle on skin
    • High quality wipes – tear resistance
    • High material compatibility – can be used on sensitive devices e.g. mobile phones.
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