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Megazyme, a NEOGEN Company, is recognized as one of the World’s most dynamic and innovative life sciences businesses winning a number of prestigious awards.

Megazyme test kits are approved as validated methods by worldwide regulatory institutes in both research and industry. As their global reach has grown, they have been receiving ongoing recognition from business award bodies internationally.

Many of the analytical methods developed by Megazyme have been validated as official standard methods, recommended by the relevant regulatory bodies and scientific associations following rigorous inter-laboratory evaluations. Some of these includes AOAC International, Codex Alimentarius, ICC Standard Methods, GB Standard, ISO Standard, ASBC Method, European Brewing Convention & RACI Standard Method. These stamps of approval demonstrate that they can deliver accurate, reliable, quantitative and easy-to-use test methods that meet the customers’ exact specifications. A large number of Megazyme's assay kits are based on principles recognised by national and regional standards authorities (such as EU Norms) or major industry bodies, e.g. the International Dairy Federation and MEBAK

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