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Now is the perfect time to try out Cytoskeleton's most popular tools!

Get the second unit at 50% discount or more with each purchase of Acti-stainTM, SpirochromeTM and Small G-Protein Activation Assay Product lines! 



The Acti-stain™ line of fluorescent phalloidins has been developed with an emphasis on creating exceptionally bright and stable probes at an economical price. ​Acti-stain items are highly cited and comes with expert customer support.

Advantages of Acti-stain include:

  • Gold-Standard G-Actin Staining Tool

  • Exceptionally Bright and Stable

  • Economical Price

  • Compatible with Popular Filter Sets

  • Stringently quality Controlled

Available products:

488  555   670  Rhodamine

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Download the Actin tool brochure here


SiR Tools

SiR Tools are live-cell imaging probes developed by Spirochrome. Specific targets include: microtubules (SiRTubulin),F-actin (SiR-Actin), Lysosomes (SiR-Lysosome) and chromosomalDNA (SiR-DNA) in living cells. 

The G-switch line of Activators and Inhibitors are state of the art reagents for studying the effects of small G-proteins (SGPs) in your field of research.

Advantages of G-Switch include:

  • Cell Permeable 

  • Rapid Results (within hours)

  • Highly Validated and Published

Available products:

CN01  CN02  CN03  CN04  CT04  

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G-LISA™ Small GTPase Activation Assays offer a fast and sensitive method for performing small G-protein activation assays.

Advantages of G-LISA activation assays include:

  • High Sensitivity and Accuracy

  • Results in 3 Hours

  • Flexible Format

  • Small Amount of Material Required

  • Compatible with mouse, rat, and human tissues and cells 

Available products:

Arf1  Arf6  Cdc42  Rac1, 2, 3  RalA  Ras  RhoA*

*This unique, and highly cited kit is only available from Cytoskeleton Inc.

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