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Actin, Live

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Image by National Cancer Institute

Actin Proteins

Cytoskeleton offers unmatched activity and purity in the most comprehensive actin portfolio. 

  • Choice of >95% or >99% pure

  • Labeled or unlabeled proteins

  • Cytoplasmic, and cardiac, skeletal and smooth muscle sources

  • Bulk quantities available

Available products:

AB07-A  AB07-C  AD99-A  AD99-B  AKF99-A

AKF99-B  AKL95-B  AKL95-C  AKL99-A

AKL99-B  AKL99-C  AKL99-D  AKL99-E  

AP05-A  AP05-B  APHL99-A  APHL99-C


AR05-C  AS99-A  AS99-B  AT01-A  AT01-C



MY02-B  MY03-A  MY03-B  TFC01


Acti-Stain™ Fluorescent Phalloidins

Actin staining is very useful in determining the structure and function of the cytoskeleton in living and fixed cells. The actin cytoskeleton is a very dynamic and labile structure in the living cell, but it can be fixed with paraformaldehyde prior to probing or staining for actin structures.

Product Uses Include

  • Stain F-actin in fixed cells

  • Stabilize actin filaments in vitro

  • Visualize actin filaments in vitro 

Available products:


Image by National Cancer Institute

Actin Binding proteins

All Actin Binding Proteins (ABPs) are assayed to ensure that their activities are comparable to published values. 


Assays vary by product and include F-actin severing assays, F-actin-activated ATP hydrolysis, and actin polymerization assays. 

Cytoskeleton, Inc. sells a range of purified actin binding proteins. All Cytoskeleton's actin binding proteins are of high purity and are rigorously tested for biological activity. Cytoskeleton also provides actin proteins, antibodies and kits for actin binding protein research.

Available products:

BK001  BK003  BK013  BK037  CF01-A

CF01-C  CS-MH03  CS-MYS03  CS-MYS04

CS-MYS05  CS-TT05  MB201  MB201-XL

MH01-A  MIC01  MIC01-XL  PR02-A  

PR02-B  RP01P-A  RP01P-B  VCG03-A



  • Actin Antibodies

Available products:

AAN02  AAN02-S

Image by National Cancer Institute

Actin Drugs And Buffers

Actin stability and polymerization is highly dependent on buffer conditions, therefore it is vital to use the right buffers. 


Cytoskeleton provides a basic set of tris buffers to allow the researcher to consistently work with monomer or polymer actin.

In addition, Cytoskeleton provide a range of fluorescent phalloidins which can be used to stain F-actin structures in cells as well as stabilize F-actin filaments for in vitro use, including microscopy.

Available products:

BSA01  BSA01-010  BSA02-001  BSA04-001

Image by Clint McKoy


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