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Yeastern Biotech Co., Ltd. (YB) was founded in 2000 with the goal of providing the intelligent technical services and high-quality products for life sciences research and the biomedical industry. They believe that a scientist’s greatest help comes from a fellow scientist. Therefore, YB's innovative interdisciplinary research team collaborate with highly qualified experts in different fields to offers ODM or OEM research-only reagents and kits as well as diagnostic products.

Lauded by many for its outstanding quality, YB's product range includes:

  • Competent Cells - DH5α, BL21(DE3), JM109, XL-Blue, DH10B, GM2163

  • Vectors & Protein Expression - T&A™ Cloning Kit, T&A™ Expression Kit, SCOS Transformation Kit, YLEX Yeast Expression Kit

  • PCR, qPCR & RT-PCR

  • Fast DNA Extraction

  • Nucleic Acid Extraction

  • Electrophoresis Related

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