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Since 1994, Cell Applications, Inc. has been a recognized global leader in isolation and purification of Primary Cells, and their culture in optimized, cell type-specific media. Early on, they recognized the demand for physiologically relevant, high quality primary cells, and now offer deep experience handling the notoriously sensitive and finicky cells. Cell Applications, Inc. is built on strong foundations of high cell purity, quality control and characterization. With extensive hands-on experience, their highly trained PhD Scientists offer strong technical support. In addition, standardized, step-by-step instructions are provided, laboratory-tested and unique to each cell, tissue and species.

Cell Applications, Inc. cell biology products and custom services support basic life science in the world's top universities and research institutes, as well as drug discovery and development in leading pharma on projects like tissue engineering, spheroid generation and protocol development.  Regular advancements are made in collaboration with academic investigators, industry experts and Scientific Advisors.

Cell Applications, Inc. well-equipped primary cell toolbox includes stem cells, differentiation, tissue engineering, 3D cell models and more.  Specialized media, culture reagents, growth factors, transfection reagents, antibodies, RNA and other supporting products extend and complement the applications available for these cells.  Scientists routinely cite Cell Applications, Inc. cells, media and cell biology products, including articles and patents for Nobel-awarded breakthroughs. Made using standard operating procedures, quality control, and extensive characterization, their manufacturing, packaging, management systems, standards and guidelines are approved to FDA 21 CFR Part 820 (cGMP). 

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