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Cytoskeleton's Actin Proteins & Kits Promo

15% discount on listed items

Validity: 15th Jul 2022 to 31th Aug 2022


Actin Products >
Binding Proteins

All Cytoskeleton's Actin Binding Proteins (ABPs) are assayed to ensure that their activities are comparable to published values.  Assays vary by product and include F-actin severing assays, F-actin-activated ATP hydrolysis, and actin polymerization assays.

Cytoskeleton, Inc. sells a range of purified actin binding proteins. All Cytoskeleton's actin binding proteins are of high purity and are rigorously tested for biological activity. Cytoskeleton also provides actin proteins, antibodies and kits for actin binding protein research.

Available Products:

AAN02   AAN02-S   BK001   BK003   BK005   BK037   RP01P-A   RP01P-B   TFC01   VCG03-A

CF01-A   CF01-C   HPG6-A   HPG6-B   PR02-A   PR02-B

Image by Louis Reed

Actin Products > 

Offering unmatched activity and purity in the most comprehensive actin portfolio. 

  • Choice of >95% or >99% pure

  • Labeled or unlabeled proteins

  • Cytoplasmic, and cardiac, skeletal and smooth muscle sources

  • Bulk quantities availabl

Available Products:

AB07-A   AB07-C   AD99-A   AD99-B   AKF99-A   AKF99-B   AKL95-B   

AKL95-C   AKL95-XL   AKL99-A   AKL99-B   AKL99-C   AKL99-D   AKL99-E

AP05-A   AP05-B   APHR-A   APHR-C   AR05-B   AR05-C   AS99-A   AS99-B 

AT01-A   AT01-C   MB201   MB201-XL   MH01-A   MIC01   MIC01-XL   MXA95  MXA95-XL   MPAX1   MPAX1-XL   MY02-A   MY02-B   MY03-A   MY03-B


Actin Products >
Drugs & Buffer

Actin stability and polymerization is highly dependent on buffer conditions, therefore it is vital to use the right buffers. For example, actin polymerization is dependent on the concentration of magnesium chloride which should be in the range of 100 µM to 5 mM. Cytoskeleton provides a basic set of tris buffers to allow the researcher to consistently work with monomer or polymer actin.

Available Products:

BSA01-001   BSA01-010   BSA02-001   BSA04-001

Custom Service >
Protein Purification

Cytoskeleton, Inc. has been a reliable source of protein purification services in the areas of recombinant and native source proteins. Emphasizing on high purity and biological activity which enables the proteins to be used in many applications including diagnostic kits, pre-clinical drug development programs, early compound screening in primary HTS projects, and in ELISA formats. Cytoskeleton also have extensive experience in gene design and expression with an eye to produce the correct orientation and solubility for particular applications. Many purifications use the unique skills and expertise in cytoskeletal and signal transductions proteins. Using this combined knowledge we have produced many functional assays for kinesins (e.g., Eg5, CenPE, MKLP2), myosins (e.g., cardiac, smooth, skeletal, and non-muscle isoforms, sarcomere assys), small G-proteins (e.g., Rho, Arf, Ral families), tubulins (e.g., tumor, plant, and fungal origins), tubulin binding proteins (e.g., tau and MAPs) and actin binding proteins (e.g., cofilin, profiling, gelsolin), many of them are multi-protein assays that might have protein complexes of 3 or more subunits e.g., a soluble sarcomere format and the Arp2/3 complex based assay.


A particular speciality of Cytoskeleton's design formats is the ability to rapidly create lyophilized formulations in appropriate daily use or weekly use amounts. This enables HTS use and reproducible daily performance. Other experience in antibody and ELISA technology and protein synthesis complements the cytoskeletal and signal transduction focus. 

Available Products:

CS-MH03   CS-MYS03   CS-MYS04   CS-MYS05


Actin Products >
Acti-Stain™ Fluorescent Phalloidins

The Acti-stain™ line of fluorescent phalloidins has been developed with an emphasis on creating exceptionally bright and stable probes at an economical price. Side-by-side comparisons with leading competing products demonstrate that you will enjoy savings while not sacrificing the quality of the stain when switching to an Acti-stain™ probe. Additionally, these probes are compatible with popular filter sets such as FITC, TRITC and Cy 5. The combination of in-house manufacturing, stringent quality control and convenient packaging provides a great value.

Product Uses Include

  • Stain F-actin in fixed cells

  • Stabilize actin filaments in vitro

  • Visualize actin filaments in vitro 


Actin staining is very useful in determining the structure and function of the cytoskeleton in living and fixed cells. The actin cytoskeleton is a very dynamic and labile structure in the living cell, but it can be fixed with paraformaldehyde prior to probing or staining for actin structures.

Available Products:

PHDG1-A   PHDH1-A   PHDN1-A   PHDR1      

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