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Rho and Ras family small G-proteins (SGPs)

Cytoskeleton is the pre-eminent supplier of Rho and Ras family small G-proteins (SGPs). The proteins are available in wild-type, constitutively active and dominant negative forms. These products have been fully QC'd for high activity and purity. 

Available products:

C17G01  C6101  CD01  CDG01

CS-GE03  CS-GE04  CS-GE05  CS-GE06  CS-GE07  CS-GE08  CS-GE09  CS-RS02 

CS-RS03  CS-RS04  CS-RS05  CS-RS06 

CS-RS07  CS-RS08  CS-RS09  CS-RS10 

CS-RS11  CS-RS12  CS-RS13  GE01  GE02  

R17G01  R6101  R6301  RC01  RC02 

RT01  RCG01  RF02  RH01  RH03  RHG01  

RR02  RS01  VCG03

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Activators and Inhibitors

The G-switch line of Activators and Inhibitors are state of the art reagents for studying the effects of small G-proteins (SGPs) in your field of research.

Advantages of G-Switch include:

  • Cell Permeable 

  • Rapid Results (within hours)

  • Highly Validated and Published

Available products:

CN01  CN02  CN03  CN04  CT03  CT04

GAP01  GAS01  GDI01

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G-LISA™ Small GTPase Activation Assays offer a fast and sensitive method for performing small G-protein activation assays.

Advantages of G-LISA activation assays include:

  • High Sensitivity and Accuracy

  • Results in 3 Hours

  • Flexible Format

  • Small Amount of Material Required

  • Compatible with mouse, rat, and human tissues and cells 

Available products:

BK121  BK124  BK124-S  BK125  BK126 

BK127  BK127-S  BK128  BK128-S  BK129  BK131  BK132  BK133  BK135  BK150

GGA07-A  PAK01  PAK02  RT02

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