Cell Biolabs, Inc. proudly develops and commercializes innovative technologies and tools for life science research. They are committed to providing the best products that facilitate discovery of the mechanisms underlying cell function and disease.
Their core areas of expertise include:
1. Cell-Based Assays
2. Viral Expression and Purification Kits and Reagents
3. Oxidative Stress Assays
4. Metabolism Research Assays and Reagents
5. Cell Signaling and Protein Biology

Adooq Bioscience, located in Irvine of California, is one of the world leading suppliers of high purity inhibitors, chemical probes and reference compounds for research fields. Adooq supplies over 6000 products with in-house validated biological and pharmacological activities, and a unique collection of over 3000 inhibitors on HDAC, PI3K, Apoptosis and more signaling pathways.

BioChain is the world leader in high quality processed bio-sample products and analysis services used in advancing translational medicine, companion diagnostics, and clinical product research and development. BioChain’s products are available for DNA and RNA sequencing, PCR and RT-PCR, gene expression analysis, DNA and RNA purification, protein extraction and purification, and protein expression analysis. BioChain’s One-Stop Services for Next Generation Sequencing, from clinical sample collection, sample preparation, sequencing to bioinformatics analysis, will revolutionize the industry. In addition to our world-class bio-specimen and sample preparation line of business, BioChain is moving into the clinical applications that offer clinical genomics diagnostics products and clinical trial services in cancer and reproductive health. 

GeneCopoeia and its joint venture, FulenGen, have manufactured and released into market the largest number of human full length protein coding ORF cDNA clones in multiple sets of vector systems with various features which make these clones suitable for a variety of functional assays, protein expression and easy purification in many cell types as well as cell free transcription and translation coupling systems, and large scale functional genomics and proteomics studies. They also offer a comprehensive suite of accurate, reliable and affordable gene and protein based products and services that are integrated with our large collection of full length ORF cDNA clones, which includes recombinant proteins, polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, RNAi products, custom cloning and protein production services, and other life sciences tools and products.

ABP Biosciences invents, develops, and markets innovative products and technologies to scientists engaged in life sciences research, diagnostic R&D and drug discovery. We specialize in the area of fluorescence labeling and detection technologies. Our products enable scientists and biomedical researchers to better understand molecular biology, cell biology, and immunology.

BioAssay Systems develops and markets innovative and high-throughput assay solutions to satisfy the ever increasing demands of the life sciences industry. BioAssay Systems offers assay kits that are simple and convenient to use, which are superior in performance and require little to no time for assay optimization. They focus on safe, non-radioactive formats such as absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence detection techniques.

CAI energizes discovery in pharmaceutical drug development, biotechnology, consumer health products and life science research.  We hold deep experience isolating primary cells, then applying them in breakthrough applications like stem cells, tissue models and 3D bioprinting. Scientists rely on our comprehensive products and custom services for insights into normal physiology, and progress toward treating and curing disease.

Biochrom AG GmbH was founded in 1981. Meanwhile it has become one of the leading European manufacturers of sera and media for the culture of human and animal cells. Biochrom AG provide cell culture media and sterile solutions for pharmaceutical production not only within Germany, but also Europe- and worldwide. Among other products, they deliver animal sera, such as Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS). Biochrom is your partner for feasibility studies concerning new media formulations.

Megazyme is a global leader in analytical reagents, enzymes and assay kits. From their headquarters in Bray, Megazyme is able to develop, manufacture, and supply products for laboratories around the world.  Their products have found applications in a diverse range of industries, including food and beverages, biofuel, animal feed, wine and brewing, dairy, and cereals.

PCR Biosystems offers a range of best-in-class kits and reagents for PCR and related technology. By combining our enhanced polymerases with highly developed reaction buffers and novel chemistry PCR Biosystems is leading the development of PCR. Our PCR reagents have been developed to maximise yield and sensitivity in the simplest and most challenging of reactions. Our portfolio covers a broad range of applications including, real-time PCR, endpoint PCR, high fidelity PCR, hot start PCR, long PCR, PCR direct from crude samples and molecular diagnostic PCR.

AcceGen Biotech proudly develops innovative technologies for the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty ingredients markets. 
AcceGen Biotech developed significant expertise in cell and genomic research. We provide a variety of high-quality human/ animal cells, cell media/ kits, cell-derived molecular biology products, gene-based assay kits, Clones, FISH probes and Sequencing products for research use. AcceGen Biotech offers custom cell line generation, microRNA sponges and microRNA Agomir/Antagomir services to simplify the gene research. The aim is to accelerate scientific discovery related to genetic analysis available to academic researchers as well as commercial enterprises.

Yeastern Biotechnology  is a ISO9001, ISO13485 & GMP certified  Taiwan based molecular biology kits & reagents manufacturer which was founded in 2000 with the goal of providing the intelligent technical services and high quality products in life sciences and in the biomedical industry. ECOS™ Competent Cells are the first innovative products of Yeastern Biotech’s R&D team, which strives to bring noble products that make research faster and easier. ECOS™ is Yeastern Biotech’s registered trademark in USA, Japan, Canada, Korea, and Taiwan. The name speaks for the merits of this line of products - E. Coli One-Step transformation. The reverse of this name is SOCE – SOC Eliminated. ECOS™ protocol allows users to finish the transformation within one step and to skip the SOC recovery step. Therefore, ECOS™ competent cells are the fastest transforming cells worldwide. The traditional protocol requires recovery step and takes 1 ~ 2 hours to finish, but ECOS™ allows transformation to be finished within 1 minute and the procedures are a lot simpler.

System Biosciences (SBI) develops innovative research tools for Vector delivery technologies, MicroRNA research, Exosome research, and Genome Engineering tools, including the CRISPR-Cas9 SmartNuclease™ system and PrecisionX™ HR targeting vectors. Specialties include; Exosome Research, Genome Engineering, Lentiviral Packaging and Stable Cell line Services, and MicroRNA Research.

Vitrovivo Biotech is a company engaged in the development and commercialization of the innovation histological and molecular histopathological products and services. The mission of our company is to use our expertise in histology and molecular histopathology to help the scientists from biomedical research institutions and biotechnological enterprises or pharmaceutical companies to accelerate their discovery. VitroVivo is committed to its mission to “make tissues, cells, genes and molecules visible” Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and devices, we at VitroVivo are able to provide full-scale histology and molecular histopathology services, including tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, histochemical staining, immunostaininng, FISH/ISH and expert evaluation by our certified pathologists. Besides, our laser capture microdissection (LCM) services offer our customers an opportunity to enjoy more power, precision and effectiveness in isolating specific cells from a heterogeneous cell population under microscopic visualization for gene expression analysis and other biomedical study purposes. Our service team includes leading international experts on LCM, board-certified pathologists and molecular histopathology experts. VitroVivo Biotech has eight product lines for histology staining kits, molecular histopathology kits and reagents available for purchase.

Cell Vision is a young, innovative company based in the Netherlands. Cell Vision hemacytometers are;

1. Easy to use: Fill & Count glass slides with separate counting chambers and a fixed coverslip. Our slides fitted with counting grids have the same dimensions and identical image as re-usable hemocytometers. Also available without built-in grid for CASA systems.

2. Hygenic: Eliminates non-hygienic and time consuming cleaning procedures associated with re-usable counting devices. Reduces the risk of exposure to potentially infectious material

3. Accurate: Precise fixed depth counting chambers with superior accuracy and reproducibility at a very comfortable price level.

Geneaid (established in 2002) is a leading manufacturer of DNA/RNA purification products including plasmid kits, DNA extraction kits, RNA kits, virus DNA RNA kits, gel extraction kits, PCR cleanup kits, cloning kits, magnetic bead genomic DNA kits, PCR products, enzymes, protein products, DNA markers as well as high-throughput 96-Well DNA/RNA extraction kits. 

GeneDireX produces bio-reagents of highest quality. Principal products include DNA and Protein Ladders, Gel Staining Reagents, Nucleic Acid Purification Systems, Molecular Biology Reagents, Lab Consumables, and Custom Services with exceptional stability at the ambient temperature.

US Biological (United States Biological)'s biochemicals, antibodies, recombinant proteins, cell culture media and molecular biology kits are used in virtually all scientific applications and settings, including genomic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development and the diagnosis of disease. Products are available from affordable research quantities to larger bulk amounts for process development and production. Our customers include most of the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies located in the US and abroad.