· Gel electrophoresis integrated with an imaging camera in a closed system that uses disposable gel cassettes to analyze samples
· Data or images from the GelBox are received through wireless connectivity to your mobile device
· Battery powered

Coyote Bioscience is dedicated to innovation in portability of point-of-care molecular diagnostics, pathogen detection and Life Science Tools. They are the manufacturer of portable and small molecular diagnostics equipments for POCT & IVD including: Lab in a box; Smallest and Robust Mini 8 Real-Time PCR system; Slim PCR cycler; Customized dry bath; Motor-driven hand-held homogenizer.

Mini8 Plus - Portable Molecular Diagnostic Solution
 · Power: 12V DC universal power supply or battery pack
 · User friendly: Simple interface
 · Small footprint and light weight: 205 x190x98 mm (LxWxH)and only 2.1 kg
 · High sensitivity: As low as 1 copy
 · Sample capacity: 8*0.2 ml PCR tubes
 · Two channels: SYBR/FAM, ROX/Texas Red
 · Open system: Compatible with most commercial reagents
 · After each run, system automatically emails data to an email address chosen by user

Portable Dry Bath
H2O3 brand dry baths are heating, cooling and heating/cooling dry baths powered by 12V DC universal power supply or 12V DC battery pack.

Pad3 brand dry baths are mini dry baths that provide a smaller foot print than the H2O3 dry bath brand.

Theater Slim PCR Cycler
- 12V DC universal power supply or 12V DC battery pack
·Saves Space
- Thin, only 4 cm
- Very small footprint
- Can be used in clean bench
·Touch Screen
·Saves Time
- No waiting time
- Finish setup in 30s

Tissue Grinders
 · Handheld, motor-driven
 - Re-suspends pellets or disrupts soft tissue in microcentrifuge tubes
 - Easy to operate
 · Avoid Contamination
 - Disposable plastic grinding pestle
 · Battery Powered
 - Can be used in mobile applications
 - Ideal for field testing
 · Easy to clean
 - Stainless and plastic grinding pestles can be autoclaved 
 · Multiple Applications
 - Plant and animal tissues; DNA/RNA extraction